My Fashion List – Episode 2



1. Gap White Button Down Shirt, Linea Pelle Bag, Polka Dot Shorts, Helen Ficalora Necklaces, Stainless Air King Rolex Watch

2. White Rogan Blazer, Helen Ficalora Necklaces

3. White Dress Claude Montana, Sneakers Gray Converse, Helen Ficalora Necklaces, Rolex Watch

4. Animal Haven T-Shirt, Helen Ficalora necklaces

5. Long Black Nili Lotan Dress, Black Bottega Veneta Pointy

6. BCBG White Eyelet Shirt

7. Hanii Y Black Blazer, Hanii Y Olive Green Skirt, Nilli Lotan Black Velvet Tank Top

8. Calypso White Top, Gap Jeans

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I Love You 2010…Goodbye

Heres my list of the most amazing moments for me of 2010 :

1. Cover of March issue of Playboy
2. The Real Housewives of New York City Season 3
3. Adopting ‘Chief’ from Animal Haven
4. Sea canters on a horse
5. Memory chairs for Sea and Teddy
6. Sea and Teddy hot cocoa stand to support Animal Haven
7. Summer/Resort jewelry line launch and donation to Feeding America
8. Hampton Classic 4 place ribbon
9. Sea travels to Paris
10. Polar Bear Plunge
11. Sea and Teddy learn to surf
12. Connor the horse, gives the “paw” hoof
13. Yard Sale to support Long Island Harvest
14. Met our goal for Generosity Water

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Rescued Right Back!


We adopted a rescued a laborador mix from Animal Haven, who was brought from Missouri from Pilots and Paws.  At first, my intention was to get a big dog for my girls for protection while we are at the beach. Last night, we all slept so soundly in my bed, Sea, Teddy, me, “Fluffy”( Havanese), “Mr. Bear” (Jack Russell), and “Chief”.  Thank you Animal Haven for finding us a beautiful dog who we love so much.

We rescued “Chief”, and she rescued us right back.

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