My NYC Half Marathon Run

Thank you New York, and thank you to all my friends for their support. I wanted to finish strong  for I’ve seen the amazing teen girls walking with 40 lbs of water on their heads, so this race meant a lot to me. Running through Central Park with the music of DonnaD’Cruz was amazing and very New York. Then when it couldn’t get any better, I ran down 7th Avenue and through Times Square. I took pictures of other runners, and helped them with videos. It was an amazing experience. And when I finished, a calm came over me. I was so proud of my amazing friends and how they cared for me and for my endeavours. I felt very lucky, and was definitely emotion filled when I finished.

To my dear friends,I want to thank you for supporting me on my nychalfmarathon run for Generosity Water. On March 18, 2012, I ran 13.1 miles in 2:18.I am so incredibly grateful for and proud of the work the NYC Marathon does for so many charities and for Generosity Water’s amazing accomplishments. I’m humbled by my incredible contributors on,
facebook fans and friends, my twitter followers, and to my friends and family who ran with me and were so supportive of each and every mile I trained for and ran on Sunday, and helped me raise $9850.

I am committed to always doing what I say I will do, always helping in the best way possible, and being the best citizen, parent, and friend that I can be.I am humbled by your support, and grateful for your continued encouragement.

I’m just getting started, so get ready. We ve got a lot of work to do and bringing clean water to families in need is just the beginning.

With all of my Love and Gratitude,

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KKB’s Hot List!

- Taking Leaps of Faith
- Reading with your Child
- Swearing when Appropriate
- Saying no to Drugs
- Picking up Garbage
- Waiting to Respond
- Listening
- Eating pecan pie after a steak at Peter Luger’s
- Celebrating your half birthday
- Volunteering with the right intention
- Reading something new
- Cruising art museums
- Buying expensive shoes
- Telling someone how hot they are
- Monogomy
- Doing what you say
- Turning off lights before you leave
- Having fun with Fashion Trends
- Not wasting Food
- Bar Crawls
- Running for a Cause
- Bright colored Bras and Panties
- Thinking out of the box
- Getting Sun
- Nailpolish

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Access Hollywood – Healthy Hollywood Kelly Bensimon’s Fit & Fabulous Life Plan

Photo by Jemal Countess – Getty Images North America


The first thing you notice about Kelly Killoren Bensimon when you meet her is how amazing she looks. Absolutely stunning and has a body to die for! Can you say jealous – a bit?

Click here to read the full Article >>

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Marni for H & M!

Selling out within hours! Italian cool designer Marni took the vintage look and made it inexpensive and approachable for the jetset. Instead of the label of being 80′s label obsessed the latest fashionistas are obsessed with the look. Cool, easy, and rich vintage is definately Marni. Who else would it be?

It came out 8th March, 2012 to the stores of celebrated fast-fashion brand H&M, the result of latest collaboration with Marni, Italian, renowned brand created by Consuelo Castiglioni, of whose capsule collection, featuring the colored prints, leitmotiv of brand, has recently presented by a video made by the director Sofia Coppola.

Take a look at the collection >>


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Run For A Cause – The NYC Half Marathon for Generosity Water


To help me raise more for Generosity Water, as I “Run For a Cause” on March 18th at the NYC Half Marathon.  Such a great cause to support!

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House Made From Love


When the Wall Street Journal reports on your house, you know you have a great house. I think of it as a home.

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DVF & The Gap



Beware of the Ides of March. That is for March 15th, DVF is coming to the GAP and you’d better have your pocket book ready. DVF known as a fashion forerunner and celeb favorite, is taking her innovative ideas and designing a children’s line. So for all of those fashionistas, DVF s taking the high chair set by storm. Does this mean more collaborations are to come for the GAP? Will the GAP be the new  H&M? Hmm….

See the entire DVF for Gap Kids Collection >>

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We must all come together to raise awareness to help Invisible Children, especially to finally put an end to the kidnapping of women and girls who are turned into sex slaves.

Stop KONY ! Watch this !  Share This !

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A Hot Make-Up Tip

Makeup artist Quinn Murphy clues us into the trick: how to use gold eyeshadow to brighten your eyes!

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Congrats to Gilles Bensimon!

Congrats to Gilles Bensimon, on his flower photography exhibition in Paris today!

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