SMASH Premiere Event

Photo Credits : Heidi Gutman, Charles Sykes/NBC


Attending the premiere of “Smash” wearing a reverse tuxedo by Haute Hippie .

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Madonna’s WE Premiere

Photo by


Wearing Alice and Olivia at the WE premiere. Madonna got teared up at the premiere as she spoke of true love. It’s still attainable, guys. You can have a fairytale life and meet the man of your dreams. You have to believe in yourself and have self respect,and he will find you.

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Yoga Time!

For those who meditate, I commend you for your patience. I have to practice yoga for my sore muscles need a stretch a few times a week, and I like having the time to breathe and be able to articulate my gratitude. I’m grateful for my girls, my family, and all of the wonderful people I have in my life.

Today, Dechen Thurman (also Uma Thurman’s brother and son of a Columbia professor) playlist included everything from 70′s songs about super hero good doer cops to Tibetan chants. And if his body and strength doesn’t inspire you, his lessons during class will take you on your own journey to self improvement. Today, we learned about listening. When is the last time you actually listened to what someone was saying.

Choose your words wisely, listen to what people are saying, and try to be discerning of the fundamental difference between complaining and venting with a purpose.

All in an 90mins: Hot body, hot mind!

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Knicks vs. Suns Game

After weeks of not knowing if the Knicks will play, I finally went to a game. Carmelo was flying all over the court against the Suns. And the newly renovated Madison Square Garden looks amazing and provides a more intimate almost next to the players feel. Gotta love our sports team. It takes courage, go Knicks.

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Miss New York Pageant 2012


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My Best Dressed List – Golden Globes 2012


Photo by:  FilmMagic/FilmMagic


Designer : Jack Guisso


Photo by: Steve Granitz/WireImage


Designer : Atelier Versace


Photo by: Steve Granitz/WireImage


Designer : Marchesa

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Avenue Magazine – January 2012 Issue


This is a peek of me guest writing in the January 2012 Issue of Avenue Magazine.

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Am New York – Kelly Bensimon’s Current Inspiration: Mismatched Resort Wear

Kicking off 2012 with a little shopping, my daughters and I stopped into the Miu Miu store in SoHo (100 Prince St., 212-334-5156). We were all immediately intrigued by the resort collection – perfect for those lucky enough to find sun and warmth during the colder months.

I love resort wear, which often forecasts spring trends. And it’s usually a smaller collection, meaning it’s packed with the best of the best, as opposed to larger spring lines.

This season, Miu Miu stole the hearts of both myself and my girls with its odd shapes – bubble skirts were prominent – and styling choices that included almost mismatched colors: Muted pale-pink leather minis with royal blue silk lace-trimmed blouses really stood out.

Now that mismatched vibe has become my inspiration for the month. I plan to mix patterns and colors, such as red and pink, florals and prints, polka dots and stripes. Here’s to a fashionably jumbled 2012.

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Toxic Cleanse Inside & Out For The New Year

Kelly shows you how to cleanse for the New Year to create a better you, inside and out.

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