Tales Of A Tan-Orexic

Photo Credits : Dimitrios Kambouris, WireImage

I should have known this was going to happen, but on my latest trip to Boca Raton, Florida, where I joined Bobby Campbell to announce my new shoe line, Kelly by Kelly Killoren Bensimon, I made a HUGE mistake and fell asleep in the sun! I always thought I was “too cool for tanning school” and used light exposure to sun as a way to ease the symtoms of my psoriasis. This time however, I under-estimated the power of the sun, and definitely learned a great lesson.

When I returned back to my hotel room after an afternoon by the pool, I took off my sunnies and there it was — the infamous sunglasses tan!

What’s a girl to do when this happens? My friend joked I should just wear my sunglasses all night long and turn it into the next trend. Although I definitely considered it, but then I over-thought it (as usual). If I wore sunglasses at night, would that make me a “true” reality star rather than just being a real person on TV? (Note to all those channeling reality TV stars – Black glasses are a MUST! Except the ones I wore in the sun because it turns out they make huge tan lines!) I needed to know how to cover my embarrassing tan ASAP for a red carpet event the next day.

I enlisted the help of Bradley Irion, my friend and a genius hair stylist. After having a huge laugh at my expense, his advice was to bring all the makeup I had to see what we could come up with before my event (where I was going to see JLo perform at Mohegan Sun)! I started with applying a concealer like Sonia Kashuk’s Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette (only $9.99 at Target!) that has a greenish tint to treat the redness and “cancel” it out. After that, I used my regular concealer (Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in #4 and #5) over the first concealer to make my tan lines disappear. Then, I applied my foundation and made all the skin one color. Finally, I used a translucent powder to set my makeup and warmed my entire face with a little bronzer.

Thanks to Bradley, I could say “hasta la vista, baby” to my awkward sunglass tan for my red carpet appearance later that night. I definitely learned a great lesson to ALWAYS, ALWAYS wear sunscreen to keep from burning in sun. I also learned to never fall asleep directly in the sun, or as Bradley joked, “ON the sun!”. Next time, it will be a nap in a shadey or covered spot near to the pool!

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Am New York : Kelly Bensimon’s Halloween Adventure

Photo credit: KKB’s Daughters Sea and Teddy Shop for costumes. (Sara Jaye Weiss)



I’m not sure who likes Halloween more — me or my tween girls. In fact, I bought pumpkins almost four weeks ago, and my sweets obsession comes in the form of candy corn. I love the holiday so much that this year, I’ve tried to encourage my girls to get in the spirit by trying on hats and costumes at Halloween Adventure (104 Fourth Ave.).

After trying on a bevy of crazy hats, we headed downstairs to try on every princess gown available. My youngest opted for a fuzzy Eskimo-meets-Norwegian look, while my oldest fell in love with a romantic Renaissance gown. I tried on both a belly dancing outfit and a Marie Antoinette-style princess gown of my own.

I love Halloween because you can be the ultimate chameleon — no matter how many treats and tricks we get this year, I’ll always have photos to remind me of my girls dressing as different personas and owning their fun alter egos for one whole night. To me, that’s even better than a handful of candy corn!

Now for the final question: What am I going as?

First, I’m going to bring my girls to Sephora so we can try on vibrant makeup colors and glam out together. Then I’m going to make a DIY costume from stuff I find at Goodwill. I decided to go that route because I can’t think of a better way to spend Halloween than giving to a good cause.

I can’t promise a complete transformation, but I know the best costume is confidence, so maybe I’ll just be Kelly.

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Launching the “Kelly by Kelly Killoren Bensimon” Shoe Line To Benefit “The Breast Cancer Foundation”

Photo Credits  Ralph Notaro


This is a milestone in my career and is extremely special as my first major endorsement. I am grateful to have the opportunity to channel my two passions; philanthropy and style.

Time and time again, people always ask me what the most rewarding part of philanthropy is. My motivation to be involved was sparked by the lives of others who are persevering through the various challenges life handed them. I tell them one of the most amazing gifts I have received in life is the opportunity to be face to face with hope; pure, simple hope. It is one of the basic human emotions, but certainly the hardest to portray in times of adversity.

I am so proud of everything the Kelly by Kelly Killoren Bensimon line stands for. I have known many individuals who courageously battled Breast Cancer, and have seen their lives change through each and every step of fight. From enduring long hours of chemotherapy, invasive surgeries, and even when in remission, the lingering thought of the cancer returning, this disease tests the ultimate strength of those affected.

As the mother of two daughters, I want to make sure they grow up in a world where there is a cure to Breast Cancer and that they are never forced to lose a loved one to this disease.

I am very grateful to Bobby Campbell, CEO of BBC International, for allowing the vision and creativity of this line to come to life. You have paved the way for my first major endorsement, and it has been a pleasure creating this chic and philanthropic ballet flat with you. In addition, your generous donation to the The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, speaks volumes of your commitment to this cause, and I cannot thank you enough.

I would also like to thank Seth Campbell for your amazing collaboration with the line. Your experience working at Manolo Blahnik, my favorite shoe designer couldn’t have been a more perfect fit for this line. You have helped me produce a fashionable version that will make great style democratic and affordable.

To Senada Adzem, Robbie Finke Franklin, and Jaimesen Sotolongo, thank you for helping me see this through. You are amazing women and I am lucky to share this venture with you.

Finally, I would to thank all the individuals in my life who have helped me achieve my philanthropic purpose. With the Kelly by Kelly Killoren Bensimon line, I will now go forward and be able to create hope for millions of those affected by Breast Cancer. This shoe line is my way of commending those individuals while funding for a cure. Every shoe sold, $3.00 will go to the The Breast Cancer Research  Foundation.

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Moroccan Inspirations

Kelly’s Photo Diary



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Am New York : Bringing All-American Glamour Back


This week, I shot the cover photo for my upcoming book — “I Can Make You Hot” — which St. Martin’s Press  is releasing in spring 2012.

For me, being “hot” is having confidence and taking leaps of faith without regret. For the St. Martin’s art director, Ervin Serrano, inspiration came from some photos taken by Seth Sabal, which evoke the new all-American girl: great hair, great smile, fresh feeling, and an easy and relaxed look.

All this book-cover image talk got me thinking about bringing the idea of the iconic all-American ’70s “Breck Girl” (of shampoo-commercial fame), back to the streets of New York in a modern way.

Some of my favorite pieces for reinventing the “Breck Girl”: H&M sequin styles, a fedora by Theory, Rogan’s Svelte Skinny Jeans, Prada oxford loafers, ’40s-inspired sapphire-blue silk blouses from Calypso St. Barth, and or red patent Repetto ballet flats (which my ex-husband got for me on his trip to Paris – so thoughtful!).

When wearing these styles, fashion lovers, make sure you always channel cool .

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