’85 Ford Pickup Named After Me!

Mr. Christiansen calls his ’85 Ford pickup Kelly, for Kelly Killoren Bensimon, a former model on “The Real Housewives of New York City“, because she is a head turner.” The truck was a gift from his boyfriend, Jonathan Ferrantelli.

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Svedka Walk Of Shame

Yes, you can go to Ricky’s and buy the “Svedka Walk of Shame“. Flip Flops, black Raybanesque sunglasses, a little black bag, which is the new black dress, and wipes to conceal all that you revealed. I must digress, I use Svedka on my vodka sauce. Delish, and I am making it tonight. It was so fun seeing Teresa Giudice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey and meeting Rob Kardashian. When are all the comcast peeps going to meet? When do we get our comcast office party? Tv is my office and this is one of my business dinners, not so bad.

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Summer Weekend Packing Tips

Make your purse or your weekender.

-Thongs take up less space literally

-One pair Running Shoes

-Under Armour running shorts (cute with a tee after)

-Running Bra

-White V-neck T-shirt

-Black Leggings( with ballet flats very 60s beatnik)

-Alice + Oliva Zebra Print Dress ( night/ beach)

-Ballet Flats or Heels

For a weekend of light fun, wear ballet flats to the beach. Try ballet flats with running shorts and a loose v and a pair of gold hoops, and
shop for the hottest beach read in style.

Too cool to dress up? Throw your leggings on, add a red lipstick, pony tail. No lip or black eyeliner. Heels to vamp it up or ballet flats. Hoops are a must.

Feeling flirty? Try a loose summer dress. Tight is not always hot. Don’t forget your bikini and a fun colored bra. Duane Reade has the best travel size products. Tresemme is great conditioner for beach fried ends.

Get packin’ !

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Thank you NPH!!

Thank you to the talented Neil Patrick Harris for picking me as your favorite housewife on “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen last night. There really is nothing you can’t do!!

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Wow what a “Lionswar“. Sometimes I don’t know whether I should roll my eyes or countsheep. The Real Housewives of New York Reunion this year got so heated, even our fearless leader “Charlieaka Andy Cohen got ferocious. My mantra for crazy and or boring situations is always wear good shoes.  They are my eye candy, and make me giggle when I look down at my feet and see smokin’ hot sexy Manolo Blahnik’s . My dress which I hunted down was French Connection. Good taste doesn’t have to be expensive!  I wanted something fun, spirited, and hot. I had a great season this year, finally.

I proved on the show that you can have a good season without randomly lashing out at castmates, and acting like Lucille Ball.  It’s ok to be thoughtful, have serious boundaries, and to take care of your friends and family. I don’t need to wear armour to protect my close friends, but I do need my Helen Ficalora necklaces, which have medallions that symbolize what’s important to me: Kids, Family, Friends, Dogs, and Horses. Its ok to be real, its ok to not want to steal crazy thunder, and its always ok to wear hot shoes. So, when you’re in the hot seat, wear your fav shoes.

Nothing is a better diffuser than a hot accessory!

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Tonight – The Real Housewives Of New York Part 1

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Remembering Amy Winehouse. A Unique Talent Gone Too Soon

September 14, 1983 – July 23, 2011

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Friendships With Boundaries


My mantra for this season was that “every relationship needs boundaries“. While watching the The Real Housewives of New York reunion, the reason everyone is so taken back by the special is because of the lack of boundaries and the way life is percieved by delusion by some of the women on the show. Everyone on and off tv has their own storyline.

I’ve learned a lot though my mistakes and by the mistakes of others. Here are a few rules that got me through filming and will be my manifesto with the man I love and my close personal friendships.

Relationship Rules :

1. Be honest to yourself. If you are honest, than no one has ever any reason to doubt you. this doesn’t mean you need to constantly tell people what you think of them, but always be honest with yourself, and in turn you will earn trust from others

2. Walk in other peoples shoes. Its easier when you recognize where people are coming from than just make judgements. name calling and judgments are for childlike behaviors, whereas recognizing flaws and being open to possibilities are adult behaviors.

3. Right place right time. Save conversations that could get heated and go sour fast for a time when both parties are well rested, have eaten, and relaxed.

4. Dont fight to fight, fight to resolve. Every problem has a solution

5. Create boundaries for yourself. don’t engage those who are pushing buttons. Disengage, walk away, change the subject, or compliment-most people are so vain and a compliment is a great diffuser

6. Smile as much as you can. Life is short, and a smile goes a long way. Its the universal language for “its ok, lets have fun.”

7. Forgive but dont forget. The past is a foreshadowing of the future, but you can also change the way you respond to the past.

8. Listen to what others are saying, not what you THINK they are saying

9. Dont compare and contrast exs with the ones you love. It hurts. Period

10. Dont kitchen sink your life to a partner, or kitchen sink an argument. What is the core to the problem? stay clear and tackle one issue at a time

11. Dont air dirty laundry in front of friends and family. Everyone has relationship issues and no one wants to get involved especially at a dinner table.

12. Have a code word for “don’t start this now.” I like the word lemon.

13. Do unto yourself and you want those to do unto you. Its a two way street. Be careful for it hurts just as much if you don’t call him, as him not calling you.

14. Dont draw lines in the sand, for you may be left at the beach. Lots of people welcome that challenge, and others take it as an easy out.

15. Everyday is a new day. Make sure you partner is a part of it.



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Shrine MGM Foxwoods Last Night

Photo Courtesy: Sara Grant/ CTNow

Foxwoods isn’t just a hideaway in Connecticut. There’s more to Casinos, they are the new lifestyle centers. I worked out in the amazing gym, bought makeup from Youngblood, ate at the Scorpion Bar, bowled in Chloe heels at the High Rollers Club, and had a blast at the annual White Party at Shrine. I’m bragging. Yup!

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Running Russell Simmons – KKB @ The Hamptons

Visiting Russell Simmons in his East Hamptons home, on his show “Running Russell Simmons” .

Watch Episodes

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