Happy New Year !

This is the year of 11!

If you say, 11 11 to someone it looks like you are saying “I love you”.  “In the Spirit of 11. 11.11″…. I love all of you all !  11 11 for watching me make mistakes and learning for them, 11 11 for being interested in that which I love my family, my animals, my amazing friends, my incredible creative partners in work, and all the unbelievable organizations who have graced me with what good efforts really are. Go with love, and live every day like its your last.

11 11,



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I Love You 2010…Goodbye

Heres my list of the most amazing moments for me of 2010 :

1. Cover of March issue of Playboy
2. The Real Housewives of New York City Season 3
3. Adopting ‘Chief’ from Animal Haven
4. Sea canters on a horse
5. Memory chairs for Sea and Teddy
6. Sea and Teddy hot cocoa stand to support Animal Haven
7. Summer/Resort jewelry line launch and donation to Feeding America
8. Hampton Classic 4 place ribbon
9. Sea travels to Paris
10. Polar Bear Plunge
11. Sea and Teddy learn to surf
12. Connor the horse, gives the “paw” hoof
13. Yard Sale to support Long Island Harvest
14. Met our goal for Generosity Water

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The Memory Chair

This Christmas wanted to make my girls something they would have and cherish forever. I bought a chair from Kmart and glued on all of Sea’s stuffed animals to make her a new desk chair. For Teddy, I went to Pier 1 Imports and glued all her stuffed animals on her chair. Now, all of their memories are glued forever. They may forget what they studied, but they will never forget their memories.

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Merry Christmas!

Sea, Teddy, Bear, Fluffy, Chief and I wish everyone a happy holiday season. Live each day like it’s your last. Merry Christmas!

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“Kelly” Jewelry Party

Thank you WiNK for the amazing party for my jewelry line. Purchase my new line for that special someoone this holiday season.


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Tis the season to give money? huh? This season’s biggest gift trend is cash. Why not give a gift card instead of cash? I know you have a gazillion gift cards from the past and you cant find the ones you really want, because they are hidden deep in the bottom of your wallet or in a drawer with old gum. Why not consolidate all your gift cards onto the SWAGG mobile app, and turn your smartphone into a giftcard. You can put all your cards onto your phone and even give or recieve gift cards from friends and family. And if your are regifter, this is perfect and easy for you. Phew… holiday shopping made easier. Is that possible?

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Parker Pen

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Kids, Dogs, Horses

Sea and Teddy Bensimon are thinking big….really big. They raised $143 by themselves for Animal Haven with a clever idea, a hot cocoa stand. It was cold outside in New York City, but Sea and Teddy were more concerned about the future of the adoptable pups than the cold.I was such a proud mom that day. Go Sea and Teddy.

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I Can, We Can

After I showed my daughters a clip from Ted.com, they were excited to get infected. My girls wanted to get infected by the ” I can ” ideology. They recognized they could enable, change and help others in need. Children are the future! Why not empower them and encourage them to be leaders and to be creative thinkers? I know my girls are capable of a lot of change. We made a pact: one baby step at a time. How are you encouraging change?

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