Who Gives You Butterflies?

Its a Sunday in New York City. People are out getting coffee, walking their dogs, working out, and meeting for lunch. When you have two kiddies, Sundays can either be a easy relaxing at home day, or it can be an adventure day. We chose an adventure day. We had lunch at Extra Virgin in the West Village, and jumped in a cab uptown to Natural Museum of History to see the “Butterfly Exhibit“. First you go into a vivarium which is 90 degrees. Once you are in, there are butterflies everywhere, even some on people’s heads. Seeing these beautiful butterflies made us think how beautiful and erratic their movements are. Where are they going in such a rush?  I made butterfly boxes for my girls at Evolution in New York City, for I am obsessed with nature, it’s the Midwestern girl who spent hours at the creek coming out. And now, my girls had a up close and personal chance to observe and respect the beauty of nature. And speaking of butterflies, if someone gives you that feeling listen to one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs, “Butterflies”. I shared it with you in this post, enjoy..because everyone deserves to feel a flutter.

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Lanvin at H&M


It was a cool Sunday night in New York City, and I was invited to attend the GLAAD event. As I am obsessed with Lanvin, but my bank account says say no to Lanvin , but my heart says yes. Finally my account and my heart are fused by the love of H&M. This collaboration with Alber Elbaz as the spearhead has made fashionistas all over the world excited and relieved. Now, the world can appreciate and wallow in the love for Lanvin and not have to eat apples for dinner. The ad campaign was shot by legendary David Sims and the models are decked in Lanvin drama! The one-shoulder puff dresses, ruffled LBDs, textured trenches, and tuxedo tops. If you like this dress, wait till you see what else is in store.

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No Thanksgiving This Year?

There are just a few days left until Thanksgiving, and we’re in real danger of missing our goal of providing a Feast of 9 Million Meals for Americans facing hunger this holiday season. With times as tough as they are, this would be a crushing blow for too many people. Please give now.

We urgently need your help to make sure families in need have food. Remember, every dollar you give will help provide 7 meals for families facing hunger! Our fellow Americans need us right now. That’s why I’m certain generous friends like you will step up and help your neighbors in need. Please help today.

After all, this is the season of giving. And it’s never been more important for you to give your most generous gift. Please, give as generously as you can. Nobody should have an empty plate on Thanksgiving – or ever.

Donate Now

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Happy Birthday Tao Las Vegas

I have to admit there are only a few night clubs I actually like. Most nightclubs do not have any hot men, they only invite women. Who wants to hang out at a club with only women, or only men? Most clubs for the record do not understand the 50/50 ratio or the good music factor. Tao gets it, and so does Lavo. the drinks are good, the music is good, and the people are hot. It was Tao’s 5th birthday, and I got to spend it with Ashley Hamilton, Karina Smirnoff, and  the Gastineau girls.

Happy Birthday TAOOOOOOOOO !!!!

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Disney Opens A New Store

Brooke Shields, Kelly Rutherford, Jesse Palmer, Mayor Bloomberg among all the Disney princesses and I, witnessed the grand opening of the new Disney store on 47th and 7th Avenue.  Jordan Sparks performed while I feasted my eyes on Minnie Mouse ears and assorted dress-up accessories for my girls and nieces. Yes, my girls and I love Disney. Imagination is the key to creativity. Congrats Disney, on your new store, and thank you for bringing so much to the children of New York City.

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Due Date Premiere


If you thought the movie the ‘Hangover‘ was funny then you will literally bend over with laughter when you watch DUE DATE. Robert Downey Jr. is hot and really incredible. Zacharius Knight Galifianakis is so funny you, can’t keep your eyes off him. Texting, going to the bathroom, or even refueling on popcorn or soda is not even an option. You cannot leave for one second for you will miss something so funny, you’ll regret it.  


My favorite character, I have to admit, is “Sunny” the French Bull Dog. If you are bored, having a bad day, or just in the need of some fun, check out this movie this weekend.  



The wrap dress I am wearing is Diane Von Furstenberg


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Halloween Fun

Halloween has two faces. On the one side, I love to dress up and have a little fun with my friends. On the other side, there is nothing cuter than watching my kids enjoy the art of trick or treating. My oldest daughter used the seasoned choice of a pillow case. She did ask if it was ok, for she thought it was too expensive. I chuckled to myself that my daughter is savy enough whether items are expensive or not, and that she was concerned for it . Go, Sea!


Teddy on the other hand was carrying what looked like a handbag. Although, its Halloween, she always wants her look to be right and ladylike. Go, Teddy!


Halloween is a fun family outing where we walked all around New York, even ran in architect Richard Meier on his way to a Halloween party, we collected tons of candy, and checked out the 6th Avenue Halloween Parade, which was incredible. GO, NEW YORK!!!! 


Hope you all had a spooky Halloween!

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