Give Local Yard Sale

A few weeks ago, I bought my daughters new beds to update their bedrooms in New York City. What was I going to do with all these beds? Then I started looking around. Uh oh! The girls and I decided that we needed to have a yard sale. So, we asked Georgica Creek Antiques in Wainscott if we could have a yard sale there. The girls needed poster boards, so I went to the Container Store, got some poster boards and storage boxes, and then started the process. The closets, the basement, the toys, the kid’s clothes, the furniture. Whatever we didn’t use, went to the sale. Last Chance Animal Rescue Fund came and brought beautiful dogs they saved, the girls had their lemonade stand which profited the East Hampton Library, and 100 percent of my proceeds from my yard sale are going to Island Harvest, “The work of Island Harvest is clearly essential to combating hunger on Long Island.” – Dr. Pearl Kamer, LI Association Chief Economist. To donate to Island Harvest . I am so proud of my girls for donating their time, to Georgica Creek Antiques, and to all of my friends who helped me so much. We had a blast and did something good for someone else unsolicited.

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Anna Sui – Fashion Week

“I wanna be Keith Richards,” Anna Sui once told me in an interview. From that moment on, I became obsessed with her. Yes, she a killer researcher, Yes, she knows a load about fashion, and yes, her shoes, fragrance, and makeup line are smokin’ hot. And, yes she has hung out with Marc Jacobs since they were in their twenties, and yes, her closet in her apartment is dreamy. She is all of those things, and her Spring 2011 line was sexy, and 70s smokin hot. Honestly, I hate going to her shows, for all I want to wear now are those dresses. I’m still tan, why do I have to wait for layers of chiffon and cowboy boots paired with pale prints. Someone in “fashion hell” is trying to torture me. A lineup of the clothes before the models put them on, and adorable asian girls with mini buns on their heads backstage. I love you Anna, your voice in fashion is so loud and clear. We all love you from Andrew Bolton, curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Baby Jane Holzer, Kelly Osborne, and me.

Thats a whole lotta love!

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Tory Burch Perfected Jet-Set Chic For Spring – Fashion Week

It’s 9 a.m. and it’s time to check out Tory Burch’s Spring 2011 collection. Would it be a show? A presentation? No one was clear. Was Jay-Z going to be there, or just the regular fashionites? One thing, however, seemed for sure: Tory’s line would take the cool, chic, well-traveled look to new heights. I was right. For this collection, Burch’s muse travels to souks in Morocco, cilmbs every mountain, and has a vaguely European, but unltimately unplaceable accent. The crowd — which included hairdresser Frederic Fekkai, the “pied piper” of all the uptown ladies — kept saying “I want that” over and over again. From high-waisted pants, to ’70s inspired easy dresses, everyone wanted it all! I heard that Kayne West even made an appearance, but I must have missed him. Sugar! But I did see some cool looks that I was lucky enough to discuss with the lady of the hour — Ms. Burch. The Spring 2011 line is looking hot, strong, and sophisticated. Get ready ladies, the sweat pants and t-shirts are gone for spring. It’s time to look hot again!

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Alice + Olivia – Fashion Week

Backstage at Alice Olivia was wild and fun. Fashion stylist Isabelle Dupre and hair stylist Ric Pipino were getting the looks together and making little baby fun buns on the top of the models hair. I, after seeing the little buns wondered how my hair would look with fun buns. Do wild wasps look good with fun buns? I digress into another hot subject shoes. Stacy has created a kick ass shoe collection that suits her clothing line well. Hot, sexy, modern, and girly are buzz words that come to mind. And, to talk about the clothes lastly is kinda criminal. The collection was old world Fitzgerald models on a stage decorated like a set created a scene that reeked of cool, “I don’t care if I’m so rich and from the 1920′s.” “This old thing” rolls off the tongues of girls who are wearing nerdy glasses with layers of chiffon ala Isabel Dupre. Congests, Stacy pants! Your show rocked. And, did I mention The Pierces, Amanda Blank and the ridiculously awesome duo of DJ Mia Moretti and violinist Caitlin Moe, who performed to keep the feeling rock and roll Fitzgerald.

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My Fashion Week Bag

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Koi Restaurant

Now, everyone knows how much I love Sushi. Since Koi Restaurant moved to New York, I am obsessed. Normally I go to Koi Restaurant in Los Angeles,  where every movie star who’s on a “secret date” gets photographed or while inside, its a table hopping experience. I feel a foreshadowing of  things to come for Koi Restaurant in New York. Delish Japanese food, and eye candy for days, that  is if you like celebs. If you don’t, there’s a deli down the street.

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Badgley Mischka’s Fitzgeraldian Moment

My first show at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center was Badgley Mischka. I didn’t first get to know Mark Badgley and James Mischka through their designs — I actually met them at the Hampton Classic Horse Show. Mark and James are good friends with Cornelia and CZ Guest who introduced me to the brilliant duo. The designers are clearly inspired by their glamorous friends — their Spring 2011 show was filled with the elegant, flowing dresses that someone who lives a fantasy lifestyle like the Guests or other Badgley Mischka fans like Jennifer Lopez would wear. Their look is one that’s sexy, effortless and entitled. As the models walked the runway and Temper Trap played “Sweet Disposition” (apparently the theme song of Fashion Week, as I heard it at Minnie Mortimer, too — I’m actually blasting it as I write this, lol), my leg bounced to the music and I was transported to a Fitzgeraldian scene where everything was unexpected, women were feminine and carefree, champagne flowed and every moment took your breath away. One of my favorite lines in “Sweet Disposition” is “Don’t stop to surrender.” This sentiment was echoed in what I saw in Badgley Mischka’s collection. Their clothes encourage the women who wear them to enjoy the moment, relish in the beauty and enjoy life. Thank you Mark and James. The platforms, hot shorts, high waisted jeans and gorgeous gowns inspired me to dream for just a moment.

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The Fashion & TV Worlds Should Hang Out More

Gold Bar hosted a party for me Thursday night to celebrate the kick off of Spring 11 Fashion Week, and for my new role as guest blogger for Paper Magazine. Rob McKinley, the co-owner/designer of Gold Bar and The Surf Lodge, is pictured here with me at Gold Bar. As a designer, he is responsible for many of the most buzzed-about hotspots in town. In his spare time he loves to get in the DJ booth and spin records. All of my TV producers came to see all of the fashion insiders who were there, like my jewelry designer, as well as the fashion publicists, Cosmo Radio uber talents, press reporters, and amazing personal shoppers from Intermix and Stella McCartney who stopped by.

It’s not just the designers that make the fashion wheel turn. If personal shoppers don’t like items, they don’t sell. If press doesn’t speak well of trends, they don’t sell. It was fun to watch the TV peeps observe how the fashion peeps navigate. Little do the TV peeps know that one look and 2.4 million viewers makes a huge impact for designers. Maybe TV and fashion should have a beer and discuss the possibilities. Just a thought.

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Work Hard Love Hard

I am lucky enough to have spent the last weekend on Kiawah Island at the Sanctuary resort in South Carolina. My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. My mother, a former Dolphin queen, aspiring lawyer at University of Illinois, and American Airlines stewardess, graduated number one in her class from Loyola University. My father, a lawyer, is a bronze tablet at University of Illinois. They have three children: my sister, a retired Venture Capitalist, my twin  brother a lawyer in South Carolina, and me (cough, cough). And, between the  three of us, they have six grandchildren. Love, respect, commitment, and honesty are what kept my parents together.  They taught me to take every leap of faith, never regret, and “play the violin, don’t let it play you.” We had an amazing family vacation filled with beach time, frozen miami vices  both virgin, and non, mojitos, amazing wine, canon balls into the pool,  unbelievable food, tennis, and love.  This weekend was very cathartic for me. I thought I was happy being single for  the past few years, now I recognize that I want what they have. 

Final thought: every conflict has a solution. Look for the solutions.

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Kelly Bensimon Gets “Smokin’ Hot” with “the New Cleavage”

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