Safer Sex In The City

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Chief The Super Pup!



One week after Chief was adopted, the Killoren Bensimon girls noticed a big change in their life. Doing something unexpected and without expectations changed us. What more can anyone need than pure love.  Chief makes us complete.  Welcome to the family, Chief.

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Danny Fuller

Danny Fuller

Danny Fuller2

Danny Fuller3

Danny Fuller4

Danny Fuller5

What does a six pack of abs have to do with art? Photographer, killer surfer, and boyfriend of Sports Illustrated model Tory Praver seems to have it all: beauty and brains. I met Danny with his girlfriend in the Hamptons at his art show. His photography is saturated with amazing color and portrays the environment in a way that is alluring and magical. His artwork varies, but his charm, down to earth attitude,and amazing visual integrity needs to be watched. His lastest show in New York had some serious names and art heavies. Abs and art go well together, at least for Danny. Maybe he’ll through a surf lesson in, too.

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There were a whole lotta Housewives at LXTV. I got to be on the show with Sarah Gore and sweet Jill Zarin and explain my side of the “Breakthrough.” It was a classic case of “systematic bullying”, where for three days I had to endure a love/hate fest with some of the Housewives. I am so grateful for the Housewives opportunity, for it’s fun for me to go on these talk shows, especially when they are hosted by Jill Zarin, and I get to show off my new jewelry line.Flock with the feathers this season, as my line is filled with Hen, Ostrich, and Rooster tail feathers and metal on earrings and cuffs. For 50- 100 dollars you can purchase something from my line. I also have two feathers that were made for Feeding America. 100 percent of the proceeds are being donated.

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Highs & Lows Preparing For The RHNYC Reunion Show


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What To Wear?




Everyone wonders what to wear on a daily basis. I even have to wonder what to wear to the Reunion show of  The Real Housewives of New York City. I was debating a Herve Leger tight dress or a cool denim Jill Stuart dress. I opted for the Jill Stuart for we filmed the runway show. It came full circle that I could wear something on the Reunion from that show.Watch what happens, you’ll be surprised.

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Rescued Right Back!


We adopted a rescued a laborador mix from Animal Haven, who was brought from Missouri from Pilots and Paws.  At first, my intention was to get a big dog for my girls for protection while we are at the beach. Last night, we all slept so soundly in my bed, Sea, Teddy, me, “Fluffy”( Havanese), “Mr. Bear” (Jack Russell), and “Chief”.  Thank you Animal Haven for finding us a beautiful dog who we love so much.

We rescued “Chief”, and she rescued us right back.

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Corona Beach In Times Square

I think it is now clear that I love Corona. Yes, I did drink a lot of Corona and eat chicken wings before I shot Playboy last September. Yes, I drink Corona regularly, and Yes I made lemons into lemonade with my new concoction called Kellade. Today I got to do my two favorite things. I hung out in the sun on a beach, and drank Corona in Times Square. What?? I know! Times Square was transformed into a beach all for the love of Corona. Thanks Corona for the fun beach party, and for the special bottle( only 2000 made). Drink wisely, and enjoy summer. Just like me, Corona and I are “miles away from ordinary.”

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Collaborating To Benefit Feeding America

Feeding America

Make a Donation today and help someone in need..Help Feeding America. 

Click here to Donate

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Candy or Candy Cast?


Candy Pratts Price is the accessories guru. Say what you want, think what you want, no one knows accessories better that maven, Candy Pratts Price. Puerto Rican and New York born and raised, Price knows that sexy and hot accesories know no price. Whether it be a Damien Hirst skull or a pair of fringe high heels she encourages you to buy, buy it.  Her sense of style has superseded any trend. I am her biggest fan and the fact that she has an Avatar as her image is even cooler. Even if you can’t afford to buy her eye “candy” she will inspire you to another level. Dreams have no price.


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