Kelly Does Denim

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KKB 2010 New Reel

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KKB Birthday Bash 2010 AT SET Nightclub

KKB Birthday Bash SET

Come join my Birthday Bash at SET Nightclub in Miami Beach on Saturday May 1st, 2010. We will party all night !

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L’Oreal Strikes It Rich With Color


Its’ official, the nail polish used in most New York nail salons is now going to be everywhere. L’Oreal just purchased ESSIE. I wear their nail color on the show: red, blue, and black. I was never a fan of nail polish until I saw all these fun colors that make anyone form 3 years old to 90 excited. With ESSIE, you can change the way you look in one coat of polish. Hands and feet tell a lot about a person. Being well groomed and having proper hygiene is one of the first things I look at in anyone. If you are clean, you have self- respect. Period.

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Eco Celebration



YSL model and artist Maria Snyder invited supermodel Alek Wek and I to the Eco Boys and Girls Launch celebration at the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey. It was there, my daughter and I got to see the presentation of the new characters Maria has created to encourage children to be more aware of the environment from ‘Lulu love’, to ‘Ernie Earth’, peace and recycle characters. Children will now see the world differently. Who knows, the favorite child word “mine” may be replaced with “ours”!

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Earth day is EVERYDAY!



Did you know that denim is the number one most resold item at Goodwill? JCPenney partnered with Goodwill on their first Denim Day and asked Jill, Luann, and Green Living expert Danny Seo to support this amazing opportunity. It was all-good, until one of the donors decided to drop his drawers in order to donate a pair of jeans! I was so proud to be apart of the partnership and to be able to give back. One pair of jeans can tell any amazing story. I also ventured into the store to explore their new eco-friendly home department. They have a new line of quick dry bath and beach towels that are amazingly soft, colorful, and green. I own the white towels for my bathrooms so I know for a fact how wonderful they are. What I also stumbled onto was the new line by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the ‘Olsen boys’ and the ‘Ronson’ line designed by Charlotte Ronson. Who would have thought that two brands that were perfect for the music festival Coachella in Palm Springs last week would be in JCPenney? New surprises, everyday!

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Saturday Night Live


I am obsessed with Kristen Wiig. Lorne Michaels and Marci Klein are making the two-hour drive to the Hamptons effortless now that my girls and I are obsessed with SNL. From Kristen Wiig’s impersonation of a 20s star with John Hamm she repeats “dont make me sing” (when absolutely no one wants her to), to Target lady, Gilly, and then last Saturday’s Suze Orman impersonation; my girls and I spend hours howling with laughter. You know you have made it, not by the number of followers on your twitter page, but if Saturday Night Live mocks you, you’ve made history. I had the honor of being in the audience when the musical guest was MGMT. The star of Precious, Gabourey Sidibe hosted the show and showed off her adorable personality and charmed us all.

I can’t wait till my girls get a little older so I can take them to see the show…”Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”

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It’s a Fabulous Friday with Anthropologie!

FabFridayAnthro by jbandy featuring Anthropologie dresses
Items in this set:
Dresses – Clothes –, $150
Stamp Art Dress, $150
Pillows – At Home –, $78
Pillows – At Home –, $58
Lanai Breezes Shift –, $190

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“K” Is For Khiels



In the East Village of New York City lives a ROCKIN apothecary and has since 1851. Yup, last night I went to celebrate the green initiative Khiels has launched with such uber faces as Pharrell Williams and Jennifer Lopez. I have been Khiels obsessed since I was 19. It’s every makeup artists secret haunt. From killer lip balm, to my new obsession essential oil “pour homme” that smells like SEX. Khiels also has oils, lotions, potions, and even equine shampoo! I am obsessed with the sun free self tanning formula, amino acid shampoo and conditioner, and of course anything with cucumber. If you join Equinox Gym, you can also shower daily with Khiels as an added bonus. Oh, and did I tell you about the awesome tees that are Terry Richardson inspired, they sell those, too. In case you were wondering.


All this, in the spirit of lip balm

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“M” Is For Movie



My girls and I were invited to celebrate the 9th Tribeca Film Festival started by Robert Deniro and spearheaded by uber mom, Jane Rosenthal by attending the Premiere of “SHREK Forever After“. We love going to the movies, but going to the movies and meeting Antonio Banderas, the voice of our favorite character “Puss In Boots” put us over the edge. It rained, we didn’t care, for we got to meet the man behind the furry body and cool (thigh high) boots he wears (and oops!… Ultimately rip). The movie is funny for not only the kids, the adult humor is priceless. And if laughing together wasn’t enough, we all felt like cool Brooklyn beatniks in our 3D glasses. Thank you, Tribeca for having us and for being pioneers in the film industry. Big thinkers make change, fodder creates despair. Think big, really big.

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