Cheap Ways to Go Green


-Unplug all of your appliances – saves electricity (and $$)

-Set the washer to COLD – save 50% of energy than that of hot water

-Turn down the heat – for every degree lower, subtract 5% of the bill

-Use cloth napkins instead of paper. I like mine monogrammed!

-Cancel your newspaper and read the articles online, don’t want to cancel? Give your old papers to your local animal shelter

-Recycle  – duh.

-Share your magazines, pass them along to someone else after you’ve finished

-Take the stairs instead of the elevator

-Throw tennis balls in the dryer to speed up the time

-Request E-tickets

-Pay your bills online

-Can you check your email from your phone? Email don’t print

-Bring your own coffee mug to get your morning cup of java

-Borrow a dress from a friend instead of buying a new one

-Shop thrift stores

-Buy local as often as possible – find where the closet farmer’s market is

-Don’t drink bottled water – buy a reusable water bottle

-Can’t bike to work? Clean out the trunk of your car to lighten the load and gas used

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Ice Cream Diet

Yes, you can loose weight eating ice cream, just like you can eat chicken wings and drink beer to stay fit. Last week to encourage my eleven year old daughter to stay fit, I put her on the” ice cream diet.” Cereal, fruit, vegtables, protein, rice, a bottle of water for the day, and two sessions for 30minutes on the treadmill, and an itouch filled with iCarly.  My daughter had fun, ate ice cream, and got fit in 5 days while we were on vacation at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami.  It’s not what you eat, it’s how much. If you exercise everyday, you have more energy to enjoy the amazing life you had.  Get off that couch, go to the gym and get an ice cream!

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Ultra Was Extra





I went for a few hours to Ultra earlier in Miami. It was amazing seeing all the people from all over America together harmoniously dancing and enjoying themselves. It didn’t matter if you were rich or poor, young or old, all of these people from all walks of life, were moved by the energy of the music. No judgements. From Tiesto to Eric Morello it has been so truly COOL to be apart of this. Hats off  to these DJ’s who are taking music and sythesizing it into another form. And did I mention, the bubbles they were blowing everywhere and the graffitti. Off the charts.

ULTRA, thank you for having me!

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The Bikini Book

Kelly Bensimon


Yes, I wrote the Bikini Book (Barnes & Noble) by Assouline publishing , the 400 page tome all about the super sexy swimsuit.  The biggest summer issue is what bikini to wear.  As you can see, I make bikini mistakes too ! The pink Eres bikini is too small on top, and too big on the bottom it is almost falling off my hips.  It doesn’t help that these are paparazzi pictures and the photographers are not always kind with lighting, or angles as they are trying to take pictures of me on vacation with my kids at the Fountainbleu in Miami.  Regardless, I am willing to amuse you with my own mistakes.  The Paisley bikini actually fits the best, because both the top and the bottom are just fit to be small enough. The hunter green Tomas Maier is the hottest bikini, except for the fact that it is a bit big on top and almost exposes too much. The white La Perla suit is hot for tanning, but is white and difficult for many to wear.  The green Eres is fun, and also great for a day at the beach with the kids. Basically, I like you………. have bikini blunders, too!
Here are some hot tips even I need: 
-Smaller is better
-JCrew sells the best mix and match bikinis
-When in doubt, stay with one color unless you have confidence to wear patterns
-Bikinis are for the fun girl, don”t be shy!
-You may or may not like the way I look in a bikini, but the memories I have made wearing a bikini are priceless.
-Put the “i” in Bikini and have fun!

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Raleigh Hotel


Raleigh Hotel pool where Ester Williams swam in “Millionaire Mermaid”.  Its now a landmark.

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Winter Music Festival With Mary J. Blige


At the Belvedere Sirius Lounge at the W  Hotel in Miami. It was so cool meeting Mary J. Blige who is such a talent, and now branching out with Starshell who is her newest artist. Another woman who wants to make the “pie bigger.”

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Winter Music Festival Miami

All day long and all night the world’s best DJ’s are performing all over Miami. I went to Eric Morello’s, which looked like more of a celebrity’s house in LA that what you’d assume a DJ would live in. It seemed like a “normal” party with models walking around and men with their shirts hanging out, until you listened to the music that pumped through your veins. DJ Tiesto, who is originally from Amsterdam and performed at the Olympics in Greece, travels the world and is one of the most renowned DJ’s ever. At LIV at the Fountainbleu Hotel, Travis DJ AM performed.
It was an insane night. I honestly can’t describe it.

Enjoy every moment!

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Jersey Obsessed


Since the Jersey Shore aired, everyone is Jersey obsessed. I met “The Situation” who has abs like I have never seen. He refused to eat pasta with me. I like the bad girl diet and he likes his abs. I am now Jersey hooked. He was polite, and reallly grateful for how his life has changed. Congrats!!!

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“Y” is For Yoga





Part of being healthful is aligning your body and spirit. I really only practice yoga in Florida with Ken von Roenn III.  Five years ago, we met at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, since then, he has come to every beach and every hotel I have ever stayed at in Miami.  One of the biggest luxuries to practicing yoga is breathing.  Do we ever actually have time to concentrate on breathing? No wonder you feel better after yoga, because there is an actual amount of unblocked oxygen going throughout your body.  Ken practices his own technique Skanda Yoga, which is an alignment based power yoga practice. Instead of trying to commit to a lifestyle, try a taste of it.  Life is an exploration, and way too short not to enjoy it.  Here’s to a little ommm, and a little ooooh, and a yeahhhhhhh!

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BE Magazine – April 2010

BE Magazine

click here to view online version of BE Magazine

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