Everybody thinks of Thanksgiving as a time of celebration. For me, however, it is a time of reflection. It’s a time to be grateful and thankful for everything. My kids say it best, it’s a time for family, food, and fun! I could give you a whole list of all the things I’m thankful for but I’ll leave you with my top five.

1) I’m so grateful to have a healthy and loving family
2) I’m grateful for friends who shower me with unconditional love
3) I’m thankful for the amazing opportunities that have come into my life
4) I’m thankful for the ability to give my children a broad education
5) I’m thankful that I can share these memories. Pictures of the past convey
love and foreshadow the love of the future.

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twitter_logo@kikilet everything you are grateful and thankful for!

I just want you to know that if you are reading this blog, it really means a lot to me that you are taking the time to get to know the real me, not just the fictitious character you see on TV.

With that… Sea, Teddy, and I send you all huge huggles!!

I’m a terrible cook but every pie I make is filled with so much love. Here’s my recipe… throw your love into it and make it your own!

Fruit Pie

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees.

Put your chosen fruit (strawberries, blueberries, you pick!) into a bowl. Big chunky pieces, don’t cut too tiny! Add 1 cup sugar, 1/4 cup flour, squeeze into half of a lemon or lime. Sprinkle vanilla and nutmeg into mixture. Add 2 tablespoons butter. Mix well and place on top of a pre-made graham cracker crust.

Watch pie and remove when it’s golden brown.

Serve with love.

Obsessions of the Week:

Eres bikini, perfectly white
Rogan Lolita skinny jeans
Twinset Cardigans and JCrew’s Forever Cardigan
Clear nail polish
Minnetonka Moccasins
Kodak Digital Cameras
Theory tank tops
Toms glitter shoes for kids and adults!

Rumor Control:

Any gossip that you hear about, tweet me immediately and I’ll fill you in on the truth. You know, the real 411.

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At first when Housewives came out, I had to laugh about how I was portrayed as the “bad girl.” However, as I watched a little more of the episodes I soon realized that the coined “bad” girl wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Let’s be honest, no one ever remembers the nice girl. Yep, I am the real deal. I am a mom, first foremost. I grew up in the fashion industry and I have great deal of respect for everyone involved; whether you are an assistant or an Editor, my heart goes out to you. Yes, I started Elle Accessories. Yes, I wrote three books on social history. And, yes I am very athletic. I am proud of the life I created, and I am grateful for every opportunity that has come my way.

If you walk away with anything from my blog, I want you to be inspired. I want you to WANT. I want you to have the desire to create the life you deserve. Be inspired, go create, and always dream big.

I want you to explore new adventures because you can.

If you don’t like where you are in life, change it.

If you don’t like the choices you have, make new ones.

I want you to go for it, everyday.

What do you have to lose?

Hold the press.

Everyone says I don’t wear panties. The truth is I am a panty queen! I am obsessed with pretty panties. I believe that underwear define people. Even when I am riding horses I wear cute panties. I would never go commando, and my secret to micro mini dresses are all in the Victoria Secret boy shorts. Nude boy shorts give you the confidence to have as much fun as you want.


What to buy:

If you want to shop it up, don’t be afraid to buy high-end brands. The investment is always there and the resale value is high. High-end brands are more than a rite of passage.

When in doubt, follow the street for true trends. New York City’s lower east side and Los Angeles are always good places to find inspiration.

If you are bored and want a cheap pick me up, change your nail polish!

SpaRitualâ nail color comes in a beautiful dark blue and is a vegan option. So now my little girls are happy because they can have color on their nails and I don’t have to be panicked that I am hurting their little bodies.


Christian Louboutin oxford loafers are the biggest challenge to thigh high boots and a major shoe trend for Spring 2010. As a ballet flat officiando, I am now moving into 2010 with gold leather oxfords and if you want the less expensive version Steve Madden is the best option in any town.

Skinny jeans by Citizen of Humanity. At first I hated them, for they reminded me of an apple on a stick. I have finally transformed out of the boyfriend jean and into skinny; I must say, I love it! They take the leggings off of the ballerina and add a little something to boost the rock star alter ego we all have, and LOVE.

Everyone knows I love the Kardashian’s. They made the shoulder the new cleavage. Tops and dresses, everything is off the shoulder! Rock that clavicle.

You should:

Write your mom a note about anything and everything; you know she’d love it.

Be a food snob: eat well. You want to look good and be healthy, so eat well! Make yourself an awesome salad. Try that vegetarian dish you’ve always been too nervous to cook. Take one day of the week and eat a dish you can truly indulge in, don’t deprive yourself of all treats because it will only make the cravings worse! Watch and see how good you can feel and look. Start from the inside out.

Go to Gap 1969 and buy everything.

Read the Gift of the Magi by O Henry. Real love is when you would sacrifice something you deeply cherish for someone else.

Look for the Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton talk. Holy Housewives.

Check out these sites for more information:







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We take fashion out of the magazines and put it on the streets.

 Smart is the new cool.

On the day of Halloween, I was walking down Broadway in Soho with my two girls on our way to Ricky’s to buy different Halloween costumes than they originally had asked for. There was a street vendor showing off all of his floppy knit hats and Raybanesque glasses in every color. Sea immediately tried on the blue ones and Teddy tried on the red and they both put on the floppy knit hats. Teddy then put the black-framed glasses on me. I turned around to see how long the line was outside of Ricky’s and two guys screamed at me, ” those look hot.” Note to self: When anyone screams at you about how good you look, that is a compliment… Go with it! 

Do I really wear glasses? I do have a pair of glasses that I never wore for I always hated them. The minute that my daughter and the random guys on the street screamed out “HOT,” I decided why not try them out. Yes, changing your look makes you feel different whether it’s confident, sexy, or comfortable, it makes you feel different. The minute I put the glasses on I felt the change not to mention my kids loved them. I have to admit, one person did inform me that Halloween was days ago and asked me why was I still dressed up in costume… I laughed.














Women everywhere have the same problem every morning. What should I wear? Every week, I am going to show you what I wear everyday. Think of it as Stylecaster’s “Kelly in the Trenches”. You will be able to see what I have worn, wherever I go. Yes, I have a playful sense of style and I definitely think out of the fashion box. Yes, I like to wear a lot of different styles but the underlying common theme to everything I wear is comfort. Yes, you can be comfortable in everything from black tie to Saturday late lunch.


Some of my other favorite fashion lovers are designer Jenna Lyons from Jcrew, Candy Pratts Price from style.com, and of course one of my favorite stylists Rachel Zoe, who I have known forever and who worked for me as a stylist when we both started working at Hamptons Magazine.

This week, I love glasses. Yes, smart is really cool. Playful is sweet, but in this economy, stick to the books. You may surprise yourself at how much you really know or how you will be inspired by something and find a new obsession. Do what you love and the money will follow. 

I also love Tom’s shoes!! For every pair of shoes you buy, a child in need will get a pair also. I love the gold glitter ones and the vegan boots. 

One of my favorite throw backs to the 80s is the catsuit. Norma Kamali has the hottest catsuits that can be smokin’ with metallics or as a sexy underpinning under your boyfriend’s flannel shirt and thigh high boots.

Every woman needs a handbag. Stella McCartney has created the coolest vegan bags. My favorite is the white Palomino lasered faux naplack hobo bag. There is a girly girl in every one of us, why not play the part with ballet flats? My favorite ballet flats are Repettos. I prefer colorful ballet flats to black, for there is nothing more dull than a black shoe in my opinion. Shoes are the new eye candy!


Next week, I will start to fill you in on the inside scoop of EVERYTHING that is going on in my life. I will take you behind the scenes and give you the real story on everything that happens to me, like why I will never go ‘Commando” and I will always keep you on the streets with cool fashion trends.



Kelly Killoren Bensimon


p.s. This Week’s Must’s

Must read: Sun-tzu’s The Art of War

New York magazine’s article on Nancy Pelosi

Must watch: Hannity and Strict Parents

Must do: Say “hi” to a new person today, just because you can!


Want to take a look at the brands I mentioned?? Check them out at the following websites!










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