Beyond The Backpack


It’s that time of year where children are gearing up to go to school. Macy’s, Nickelodeon, and Dora the Explorer (who turned 10 this year) have created an innovative idea to have celebs like Eva Longoria, LeBron James, and many other big names to create their own backpack to support the Children’s Defense Fund. Some burgeoning american kindergartners are not mentally prepared,  nor do they have the proper back to school necessities to get started on the right foot. There is also a growing number of children who are not reading at proper reading levels, and end up dropping out of school before graduating. Kelly Rutherford, Wendy Williams, Uma Thurman, and I all came out to support children in need. Every child deserves the right to be educated, to have the right tools to dream big, and do what they love.  Check out Celebbuzz to see the backpacks.