Ambassador For Food Bank NYC

Photo Credits : Andrew H. Walker – Getty Images North America


How would you live on 31 dollars a week? At Food Bank for New York City, they are doing their best to supplement what food stamps cannot. Since becoming the celebrity ambassador, I wanted to learn everything about food insecurity, especially why and how it effects the New York City community. Here are five quick tips I’ve learned for being proactive when it comes to the issue:

1. Vertical farming is chic and versatile. Replace that dry window sill plant with something fragrant that can also be used in cooking. My favorites are mint and basil.

2. If vertical farming isn’t your forte, engage with friends and start a community garden. Spend weekends harvesting and at the end, walk away with TONS of home-grown produce.

3. Shop smart and local. Buy in-season produce at local farmer’s markets. It will help save you the price spike of food miles and support local businesses.

4. Host a casual (thrifty) dinner party with friends. Divide up the menu and make sure no dish costs more than the other to make and share. Exchange dishes and leftovers.

5. If you can shell out 100 dollars (or any amount) on beer for your party friends, go green! That is, take a weekend off from partying (see my cleanse video) and purchase 100 dollars of fresh fruit or vegetables. Then, donate to Food Bank for NYC – they need the support.

Donate here to the Food Bank NYC>>