Am New York : Kelly Bensimon’s Halloween Adventure

Photo credit: KKB’s Daughters Sea and Teddy Shop for costumes. (Sara Jaye Weiss)



I’m not sure who likes Halloween more — me or my tween girls. In fact, I bought pumpkins almost four weeks ago, and my sweets obsession comes in the form of candy corn. I love the holiday so much that this year, I’ve tried to encourage my girls to get in the spirit by trying on hats and costumes at Halloween Adventure (104 Fourth Ave.).

After trying on a bevy of crazy hats, we headed downstairs to try on every princess gown available. My youngest opted for a fuzzy Eskimo-meets-Norwegian look, while my oldest fell in love with a romantic Renaissance gown. I tried on both a belly dancing outfit and a Marie Antoinette-style princess gown of my own.

I love Halloween because you can be the ultimate chameleon — no matter how many treats and tricks we get this year, I’ll always have photos to remind me of my girls dressing as different personas and owning their fun alter egos for one whole night. To me, that’s even better than a handful of candy corn!

Now for the final question: What am I going as?

First, I’m going to bring my girls to Sephora so we can try on vibrant makeup colors and glam out together. Then I’m going to make a DIY costume from stuff I find at Goodwill. I decided to go that route because I can’t think of a better way to spend Halloween than giving to a good cause.

I can’t promise a complete transformation, but I know the best costume is confidence, so maybe I’ll just be Kelly.