Alice + Olivia – Fashion Week

Backstage at Alice Olivia was wild and fun. Fashion stylist Isabelle Dupre and hair stylist Ric Pipino were getting the looks together and making little baby fun buns on the top of the models hair. I, after seeing the little buns wondered how my hair would look with fun buns. Do wild wasps look good with fun buns? I digress into another hot subject shoes. Stacy has created a kick ass shoe collection that suits her clothing line well. Hot, sexy, modern, and girly are buzz words that come to mind. And, to talk about the clothes lastly is kinda criminal. The collection was old world Fitzgerald models on a stage decorated like a set created a scene that reeked of cool, “I don’t care if I’m so rich and from the 1920’s.” “This old thing” rolls off the tongues of girls who are wearing nerdy glasses with layers of chiffon ala Isabel Dupre. Congests, Stacy pants! Your show rocked. And, did I mention The Pierces, Amanda Blank and the ridiculously awesome duo of DJ Mia Moretti and violinist Caitlin Moe, who performed to keep the feeling rock and roll Fitzgerald.